Media Opportunities

I am very interested in developing new relationships with media representatives in Baghdad. I would especially be interested in on-air opportunities with Western broadcast media. I have fluency in English and can also converse in German.

As an Iraqi police captain I see many, many bad things. Just this morning I saw a Sadr City street brawl erupt into gunfire over a discussion about whether Cheetos Lip Balm is haram. Yesterday I witnessed a dog having sex with a sheep. Truly Iraq is descending into madness. I have many compelling stories to tell.

Please contact me through this website.


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#1 Room 237 : Green Helmet Guy

By chance are you related to Green Helmet Guy?

#2 Capt. Jamil Hussein : Green Helmet Guy

Green Helmet Guy is my third cousin once removed on my mother's father's mother's side.

#3 Max Power : Is sheep alive or is sheep

Is sheep alive or is sheep dead? If dead, no crime, sheep meat.

#4 Bill Adkins : Sean Hannity, we KNOW why you want lip balm

Your's being chapped and all and we know who chapped them.